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Logo and graphic charter

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Charter for using La Culture avec la Copie Privée label

The creation, today, of the “Private Copying Label” satisfies the desire of signatory organizations to grant private copying, which is under threat, a higher profile, and pay tribute to its key role in our country’s cultural diversity and dynamism.


The “generic” colour for the signature is 100% magenta. For the sake of harmony, however, it is possible, if required, to adapt the colour of the signature to the general graphic tone of the support, including special ink, taking care to maintain its perfect legibility. The signature can also be used in black and white. The sign and text must always be of the same colour.



The minimum size for the signature is 15mm wide for both sign and text together. In case the available space is less than 15mm, the signature must be used in its “sign alone” version.



The typography used is Avenir Book and Avenir Black.

In a cartouche

There exists a “cartouche” version of the signature for documents so requiring in case of poor legibility due to the background. The size and colour constraints for this version are identical to those for the main version.