Cultural Projects

An Artist at School

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“It is something unique to be able to tell students: I sat on those same benches as you.”

Gérard Krawczyck

What do the writer Jean-Claude Carrière, the humourist Jérôme Commandeur, the director Bertrand Tavernier and the composer and songwriter Erick Benzi have in common? In addition to their immense talent and fine artistic career, these artists each had a unique experience: going back to the primary or secondary school of their youth to exchange with today’s students.

Since2012, on hundred artists, authors or/and performers of audiovisual works, music, writings and visual arts have participated in An Artist at School, an original educational artistic system created and organized by La Culture avec la Copie Privée Association. It is based on transmission: artists meet students to share their experience and establish true dialogue around creative professions.

With each contribution, a complete, unique artistic programme completes the system: beforehand, the students discover the author’s work (music, clips, short films, film excerpts…). During the meeting, the exchange is enriched by questions from the students; notions of copyright/authors’ rights and the stakes involved in their preservation are also broached. The event is scheduled over two months, in February and March of each year.

This programme has the support of the Ministries of National Education and of Culture and Communication, in the context of a will to raise awareness to cultural concerns. It has several goals: promoting the transmission of knowledge and personal experience; reinforcing ties between students and their schools; providing education to artistic approaches and trades; and developing an artistic and educational project around the artist.

An Artist at School: some figures

Organized for 6 years:
100 artists
8,500 pupils, secondary-school students
30 departments