Cultural Projects

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Every year, private copying supports 5,000 initiatives all over France. Festivals, cultural events, theatre, aid for creation, audiovisual and musical production, writing residencies, career support, aid for self-production, promotion, dissemination, master classes, circus arts and in public places… Cultural projects aim to support creation, dissemination and promotion of works, and provide training for artists and authors, in the public interest.

“Private copying is an essential element in remuneration for creators and the funding of cultural life in our country, since 25% of the sums collected are reserved for general interest initiatives, supporting many structures (training centres, festivals, auditoriums, orchestras, etc) and enabling artists to make their work known or succeed in their projects… Putting a stop to the private copy levy, or reducing it would be a genuine catastrophe for creators, professionals and the public.”

Christophe Barratier, President of La Culture avec la Copie Privée Association

You can find thousands of events in the cultural programming of authors and performing rights societies:

Music, live performance, audiovisual musical, festivals…