What is private copying?


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Private Copy: positive decision by France’s Council of State


The association “La Culture avec la Copie Privée” greeted Council of State* decisions published today with satisfaction; they validate the grids pertaining to remuneration for private copy adopted in 2012. These decisions reinforce a measure that guarantees the collection of remuneration for authors, artists and producers in exchange for the freedom granted to the public […]

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“An Artist at School” for the 3rd time, from 3 February to 31 March 2014


Jean-Claude Carrière, Julie Bertuccelli, Jeanne Labrune, Alex Jaffray, Franck Philippon, Erick Benzi… In all, fifteen authors are going back to their old schools for a face-to-face chat. Since 2012, the association “La Culture avec la Copie Privée” has been organising an operation for youngsters called “Un Artiste à l’école ” (an artist at school). Every […]

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Informing consumers better… by decree


The association LA CULTURE AVEC LA COPIE PRIVÉE was very satisfied to learn of the decree pertaining to informing the purchasers of recording devices subject to remuneration for private copy. The decree, due to be implemented on 1 April next, lays out how to inform the public of the amount of remuneration for private copy. […]

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